Rainfest 2012 EP

by Malice

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released May 26, 2012



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Malice Renton, Washington

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Track Name: Self Entitlement
I hope you choke
On all the lies that you spoke
can't help think you're just a joke
but now you beg me
to dig your ass out the ground
neck-deep in quicksand
and you're about to drown

What's in it for me?
you've used every trick up your sleeve
every promise you made was empty
but now you're left with just one thing
What's in it for you?
All the people you have used
Will pay you back for your abuse
and all those you falsely accused

This game you play
All the lies every day
shouldn't have to decipher
everything you say
but now you beg me
no self respect
in serious need of a reality check

You're gonna burn for your sins
All the pain you inflict
Your self entitlement (You're such a disgrace)

I'll watch the reaper wipe that smile off your face
Track Name: My Own Worst Enemy
Waking up to fight the struggle
To survive
Or maybe find some meaning
To this life
I've taken these beatings far too long
Just want some answers is that so wrong?

No one watching my back
Your intentions aren't so true
This has gone on far too long
I've endured enough of your abuse

Now I put myself through
All this pain
Looking at all my efforts
Lie in vain
These fucking hardships
Grind my teeth
I pray this weary soul
Rest in peace

No one watching my back
(But me)
I'm my own worst enemy
Track Name: All Guts No Glory
Looking forward, there's no glory to this
there will be no satisfaction
Glory is far behind us all
you think you have the world?
Fuck you

Time after time we wait
for this shit to end
but the devils in the blue suits
are keeping it from us
You can't hide it
you can't pretend
All guts, no glory
all guts, no glory

You hide the truth oh so well
You can't fool me cause I can tell
Preying on the weak, the youth and the proud
we need to all hate you

There's no sympathy for the devil
You can apologize a million times
but your lies are unbearable
I can see the horns growing on your head
you're the real enemy of the state
All guts, no glory
all guts, no glory